Land of the Friendly: Costa Rica

En route to San Jose

Costa Rica was absolutely lovely. After getting the all-clear to travel after ten days of quarantine in Mexico with chicken pox, I was eager to get into la pura vida in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is hardly undiscovered by tourism. Canadians and Americans flock here for beach vacations and to build themselves winter and retirement homes. As a result, it is more expensive than other countries in the region like Nicaragua, but still cheap compared to North America or Europe.

It was easy to see why so many foreigners have fallen in love with this place. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful (and not because they are trying to sell you something!). They were positively thrilled when I used my rusty Spanish skills to chat them up and went out of their way to advise and assist me on my trip. Many people spoke English when my Spanish failed, so communication was rarely a problem.

The scenery was beautiful and the food was good. I spent a week in Santa Elena and Monteverde, the famous cloud forest area, before trying to spot the Arenal volcano for a few days. I crammed in forest hiking, animal tours, ziplining (!), the renarium (live snake and frog zoo) and more.

Sunset in Monteverde

It was one of those times when I was too busy having adventures to write about them!

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