Rant: The Andes Grill Restaurant in Cusco

The short version: Never eat at the Andes Grill in Cusco (faces the Plaza de Armas).

The long version: The menu looked amazing, especially after a long day of wandering around Machu Picchu and riding the train back to Cusco. I ordered a yummy sounding Rosemary Chicken Supreme.

The free glass of wine with dinner was a watery grape juice of sorts. That should have tipped me off.

When my food arrived, it looked delicious. On a bed of perfectly whipped and seasoned mashed potatoes lay a juicy filet of chicken layered with Andean ham and melted mozzarella cheese, with a tomato rosee rosemary sauce drizzled around. And the first bite tasted amazing.

Right up until I reached the chicken in the middle and figured out it was raw. I spat out my food and poked around my filet and sure enough, the chicken was nowhere near cooked. My dinner companion was dismayed to find the same problem with his food.

You have been warned.

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