Why I Heart Canada: People for Good Edition

Some nice folks here in Canada got together and started a social movement to be kind to others and do good deeds on a pay-it-forward basis.

It’s called People for Good

Suggestions include:

  • Smile at a stranger – or wave at your fellow subway passenger
  • Open and hold the door for someone
  • Give up your seat on the subway, bus or streetcar
  • Buy a coffee for your co-worker
  • Surprise your colleagues with freshly baked brownies
  • Cut grass or shovel snow for your neighbour
  • Help a stranger change a tire on the road – or put in a coin in expiring parking metre for a stranger
  • Return a grocery cart after someone has used it or let a stranger ahead of you in a store line
  • Simply say ‘‘Thank you’’ to someone who helped you – and really mean it


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