It Wasn’t You, San Pedro de Atacama. It Was Me.

It wasn’t personal, San Pedro. You didn’t do anything wrong. You deserved better. You have so much going for you.

I just wasn’t ready to commit to staying even one minute longer in the desert after my three day tour of Uyuni. When I arrived and saw your dry, dusty streets and surrounding sand dunes, my heart just wasn’t in it.

I was desperate to leave, but I tried to stick it out with you. We had some good times together, feasting on amazing steak dinners with $1 Cristal beers and strolling the plazas with popsicles on sunny afternoons. And I thought I wanted to watch the sunset over the Valle de la Luna and go sandboarding in the dunes with you. But when I found out the water had run out for the day at the hostel after not having had a shower for four days, I realized it was over. We were just too different. Your sand and sun are wonderful, but I need moisture and shade from big lakes and green trees. I know you will make some lucky tourist very happy one day.

I hope we can still be friends.




3 thoughts on “It Wasn’t You, San Pedro de Atacama. It Was Me.

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