This Is A Sandwich Intervention, Argentina.

Dear Argentina,

We need to talk. About your sandwiches.

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I really do. But it’s time to expand your world when it comes to sandwiches.

At one extreme, you have a seemingly endless supply of rows and rows and rows of the “triple”. Whiter than white bread that smacks of sawdust, crusts removed. One layer of nitrate-rich ham. One layer of salty bland white cheese. Dressed with tasteless mayonnaise and nothing else. Cut into small squares and triangles. This is the sandwich dreamt of by small fussy children and it is everywhere.

At the other extreme, you have the “lomito”. This is basically a steak dinner on a bun, with every fixing available, that looks like a sloppy joe when it is served. This is a hot mess of a hungry man’s breakfast if I ever saw one.

I need you to know that there is so much more sandwich out there for you, Argentina. Step away from the white flour. It’s time to explore the wonderful world of breads: whole wheat, multigrain, rye, sourdough, pitas, wraps, and more. There are fillings that aren’t steak or ham: the delights of roast beef, turkey, chicken salad, tuna, eggs, havarti, brie, swiss, mozzarella, and gouda await you. And let’s consider some toppings other than mayonnaise (and not just ketchup, please). Where is the mustard, chipotle, cranberry, ranch, and other sauces? Where is the salt and pepper? And where, oh where, are the vegetables? I know you have them, Argentina. I saw a lomito with tomatoes and lettuce on it. Let’s get the triples in on that action.

I care about you, Argentina. I just want the best sandwiches for you.



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