Great Ocean Road Is the Roadtrip of Your Dreams

I thought a photo essay would be the best way to do this post, but there is no way I could compete with the lovely photo essay of the Great Ocean Road on Freshly Pressed by Stumble Down Under.
The Great Ocean Road is the stuff dreams are made of, specifically roadtrip dreams. This stretch of driving winds along the coast of Victoria from Torquay to Warrnambool overlooking the Southern Ocean. Plan to pull your car over at least every ten minutes to take a photo. I could not put my camera down and I bet you won’t be able to either.

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Although this road is most famous for the iconic Twelve Apostles, the limestone stacks hovering along the coastline in Port Campbell National Park, there is plenty more to see along this coast, like the rainforests of the Otway National Park and the lighthouses of Shipwreck Coast.

The Great Ocean Road was built by returning veterans after WWI and was dedicated as a memorial to those who died fighting in the Great War. Before the road was built, the communities in Lorne, Apollo Bay, etc. were isolated from the rest of Victoria, being mostly accessible only by ocean. The level of ocean accessibility was also questionable, given that this stretch of coastline is also called Shipwreck Coast. Over 180 ships have wrecked along this shoreline. When you see the steep cliffs and narrow bay entrances, you can appreciate how difficult it would be to try to moor a ship along this coast. The Loch Ard wrecked in 1878 and there were only 2 survivors of the 54 aboard the ship.

Loch Ard Gorge

See all that lovely sandstone and limestone making up these cliffs? They erode easily and the giant waves crashing into them along the coast speed the process along.

Although this erosion is what created the beautiful 12 Apostles, carving them away from the coastal cliffs, it is also what will make them disappear, and sooner than you may think. In 2009, another of the Apostles collapsed, leaving just 7 of the 12 Apostles still standing in the water.

See them while you can.

Shipwreck Coast

3 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road Is the Roadtrip of Your Dreams

  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. The Great Ocean Road is indeed amazing and my #1 highlight of my too-brief time in Victoria.

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