Girona Deserves More Than A Day Trip

Girona is a city that sits in the northeast corner of Spain, a conveniently short distance from bustling Barcelona. Although you could certainly explore the cobblestoned historic Jewish quarter of town (Girona was a stronghold of Spanish Jews before the expulsion in 1492), admire the largest Gothic vault in Europe at the cathedral, and walk atop the former ramparts of the Roman walls of the city in a day, Girona deserves more of your time than a quick day trip.


Aside from having to rush past all this tourist eye candy in the old city district, if you only take a day trip to Girona, you will also be missing out on the night life. While I was there, my hostel hosts let us know about the weekly pop-up party in la Devesa park called Las carpas (also Las carpes). Four bars were set up under tents in the middle of a big park around midnight with live music at some and DJs spinning for the dance floors at others, taking drinking in the park to a whole new level.

And that’s the thing about Girona. It’s the kind of place where people get together to have a good time in the city park in the middle of the night. It’s the kind of place where people tie balloons to thoughtful statues:

Unlike buzzing Barcelona (who gets all up in your face demanding your attention), go-with-the-flow Girona gives you a hug and says ‘hey there, we should hang out again’.

Yes please, Girona. Yes, please.


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