The Labyrinth of Budapest (Sorry, no David Bowie)

Last time, we left off discussing the theme of movies I loved when I was a kid (and still do) like The Princess Bride. So let’s continue that theme and talk about the movie Labyrinth.

Chances are if you loved The Princess Bride, you also loved Labyrinth. And probably Willow and The Dark Crystal. If we are totally honest, these movies are dated now, given the advances in special effects. But watching them as an adult, you still see past the cheesy 80s keyboard music soundtracks, the bad wigs and fake backdrops and remember the spirit of the stories, which transported your eight or ten year old self to adventures in far off lands.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

As a grown up, you suddenly have the power to take yourself on real-life adventures to actual far off lands, which may be the single greatest advantage of adulthood (runners up: not having to wear nylons if you don’t feel like it and being able to choose your own bedtime).

I had already had some pretty dorky moments on my trip around the world (see: Rome), but when I found out there was a legitimate historical labyrinth under Castle Hill in Budapest, I just about lost my mind with excitement.


Inside the labyrinth. Lit by lanterns or not at all. Super dark, super spooky, super awesome!

The Labirintus, an underground network of caves, in Hungary has been used as a refuge for prehistoric hunters, wine cellar, torture chamber, jail, treasury, military hospital, and more. There are many secrets hiding in this labyrinth in chambers unmarked on the official map, including a secret fountain which I obviously embarked on a quest to find.

Let me explain.

No, there is too much.

Let me sum up.*

It’s a secret wine fountain and I found it!


Wine, anyone?

*Bonus points if you recognized this Inigo Montoya reference from The Princess Bride.

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