Why Canadians Plaster Their Bags with Their Flag

If you have met a Canadian traveler, chances are that they had their flag on their bags. Actually, even if you have met an American traveler, chances are that they had a Canadian flag on their bags as well.

After reading this article on Nomadic Matt’s travel blog, I felt compelled to think about why the maple leaf is plastered on all my luggage.

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Unpacking A ‘Round The World Backpack

Some people need a lot of things when they travel. Others need next to nothing. I fall somewhere in between. While I never got down to a single carry-on bag, my 45L backpack was only 75% full at any time.

There were a number of things I debated about bringing: a cell phone, a small laptop, more clothes or shoes, an iPod, more makeup, etc. I can honestly say that I did not miss what I did not pack. I did laundry more often. I used the many internet cafes everywhere I went. I called home with my Skype account whenever I wanted.

All in all, packing for a year away was not much different than packing for any two week holiday. The basics are the same. After all, the less you take, the less you have to carry.

Let’s see what I did take with me…

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