Capture the Color: 5 Photos, 5 Colors, 5 Senses.

You’ve probably heard of a little contest from TravelSupermarket called Capture the Color that is making the rounds in the blogosphere. It’s a sweet contest: you pick 5 photos for 5 colors and then nominate 5 bloggers to do the same, then submit your post to the contest to win neat stuff like iPads and money. A virtual high five to Annette of Bucket List Journey for nominating me to participate!

After looking over my choices, I realize that I chose my submissions based on the sensory experiences that connect me to each photo, so the 5 senses have become a theme within the theme for this post. Enjoy!

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Attention Armchair Travelers: Fancy a Trip Around the World in 5 Minutes?

Fancy taking a trip around the world, but too broke/tired/lazy/afraid to leave your house?

Fear not, I have found the solution! Take 4 minutes and 50 seconds out of your day to revel in this wonderful timelapse extravaganza of Kien Lam’s trip around the world, who also has some great photos up here.

Note of Caution: watching this video is likely to incite both envy and wanderlust, the solution for which may require you to plan and go on a trip around the world of your own.

You have been warned.

Netball Is Just Like Basketball. Except That It Isn’t.

While Australia is certainly associated with Rugby and Cricket, it is less well known for its enthusiasm for a sport called Netball. This game is popular in many of the Commonwealth Nations and there are over 70 national teams in the International Federation of Netball Associations.

When I was in Australia, I was offered the opportunity to play a game in a Brisbane Netball league. I agreed because I was told that Netball is like “a women’s version of Basketball”, which I later learned refers to Mr. Naismith’s school developing a version of Basketball for its female students who couldn’t run around in their restrictive 1890s corsets.

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