Geeking Out at the Vatican Museum

Vatican City.

When in Rome, many choose to visit the independent city-state that is the Vatican. This place was a major centre of power in Europe after the fall of Rome until the notion of the separation of church and state caught on in more recent times. It is still protected by the independent Swiss Guard, of funny hat and striped uniform fame. Although their uniforms may be dated, their skills are not. They are trained in the Swiss military. Do not mess with them.

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Rome Is a History Nerd’s Dream Come True.


No, really.


You would think that in a city with such wide streets that nothing could sneak up on you in Rome. Nope. You’re wandering along, debating which gelateria to stop at and BAM! There’s the Pantheon.

The Pantheon.

You continue on your way, window shopping at the high end fashion stores and PRESTO! You’re suddenly climbing the Spanish Steps.

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Pisa. It’s Your Call.

If you are intrigued by asymmetry, you should go to Pisa.

If you are fascinated by architectural miscalculations and buildings that are sinking, you should go to Pisa.

If you are entertained by taking zany photos of yourself, you should go to Pisa.

If you are amused by watching thousands of other tourists taking zany photos of themselves, you should go to Pisa.

It’s your call.

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