Panic at the Melbourne Museum!


It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. I was ready to get my learning on at the Melbourne Museum which promised to delight me with excellent dinosaur exhibits (dinosaurs are kinda my favourite).

I sauntered into the exhibition rooms, eager to check out the pterodactyl fossils and other gems of the prehistoric age, when suddenly I rounded a corner and was faced with THIS:

Deadly Black Widow/Redback Spider! (morguefile photo)

In my eagerness, I had not carefully observed the layout of the museum and had failed to notice that in order to get to Jurassic Park, I would have to traverse the Bugs Alive! rooms, home to the venomous Australian spiders of my nightmares. I was surrounded by the human-killing Sydney funnel webs, redback/black widows, and whitetails. And by surrounded, I mean encased in glass and dirt enclosures, but DID I MENTION THEY WERE ALIVE?!

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7 Reasons To Eat Your Face Off In Australia

Fact: Australia is really really delicious. Here is just a sampling of the fabulous food and wine to be had in the Land Down Under. And no, Vegemite is not on the list. Sorry, Australia, I just don’t like it. And yes, someone made it for me the right way on white bread toasted with butter and a thin scraping of Vegemite. No dice. And if you don’t know what Vegemite is and why I won’t be eating it anymore, observe a number of people giving it a try at the Aussie Nomad’s Vegemite Challenge.

On to more delicious things…

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