Remembering Christchurch Before the Earthquakes

I visited Christchurch, New Zealand before the recent earthquakes, back in 2009, on my way north to Auckland.  I had a two day stop there on my way north and was very charmed by Christchurch. It was a relaxed city, with lots of pretty older buildings, free tourist activities, great second-hand bookstores and a great local sense of humour.


This was posted as a sign on a storefront window:

“Attention customers… we would like to inform you that our business will not be participating in the recession.”

-Barbershop, Manchester St.

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Fjordland: Just Like Jurassic Park… Minus the Dinosaurs.

When I was in New Zealand, I was pressed for time and I had to choose between two Sounds on the South Island. It was not an easy decision. Milford Sound is visited by thousands of tourists every year and for good reason: it’s stunning. Doubtful Sound is ten times less famous and ten times as big.

I think I made the right decision…

Doubtful Sound

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