4 Easy Day Trips from Madrid


Avila by night

Avila by night (photo c/o Mauro Nogueira)

For fans of the middle ages, the Town of Stones and Saints is your dream come true. Avila is surrounded by medieval walls complete with gates, watchtowers, and turrets and is filled with Gothic and Romanesque churches. It’s a UNESCO Heritage Site and getting there costs you less than 10 Euros and 1.5 hours by bus or train each way from Madrid.

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I Heart Madrid

The last few posts have been about the many great things to do in Barcelona. After all, I spent nearly two weeks there, which is as much time as I spent in some countries on other legs of my round the world trip.

As much fun as Barcelona was, by the time I left, I was suffering from a heavy case of travel fatigue. I had learned early on during this year long adventure that sometimes you need to have a break and recharge when your enthusiasm for tourism drops.

In this state of mind, I stumbled off a train that had ushered me to the heart of Spain. And the city of Madrid was there to give me the big hug that I needed.

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