Vietnam: The Reluctant Jaywalker’s Worst Nightmare

Confession: I am a reluctant jaywalker.

Where other people can rationally observe and gauge the volume and speed of traffic in order to make a well-timed jaywalk, I can only see a crush of cars careening toward me intent on my demise. I am that person who eyes the road warily and says ‘hey, let’s walk up the block and cross at the lights’.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned about Vietnam. I had convinced myself that it was all exaggeration and that everyone was kidding when they told me it was easier to just close your eyes and go.

At least, until I saw the streets of Ho Chi Minh City for myself…

Behold the Vietnamese Armada of Motorbikes!

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Capture the Color: 5 Photos, 5 Colors, 5 Senses.

You’ve probably heard of a little contest from TravelSupermarket called Capture the Color that is making the rounds in the blogosphere. It’s a sweet contest: you pick 5 photos for 5 colors and then nominate 5 bloggers to do the same, then submit your post to the contest to win neat stuff like iPads and money. A virtual high five to Annette of Bucket List Journey for nominating me to participate!

After looking over my choices, I realize that I chose my submissions based on the sensory experiences that connect me to each photo, so the 5 senses have become a theme within the theme for this post. Enjoy!

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