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  1. You’ve been nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award! “Writing in that witty and straight-forward North American style, this traveler shares both useful facts and entertaining stories about her global experiences.” Visit to get your award badge, and nominate your own favorites.

  2. Hi Same Skies- I really like the way your wordpress blog is linked to your blog posts at Matador Community; but, I’m quite new to the blog at Matador, and was wondering how you connected the two? I’ve got mine linked via the wordpress image; but I’d like to be able to directly update my Matador blog with content from my real wordpress blog? Does that make sense/ If you’ve got a spare second to explain to me how you did this, I’d really appreciate it!

    And I also agree, the monkeys at Batu are dangerously conniving…


    • Hi Kelli, thanks for stopping by.

      There’s no magic button to link between matador and wordpress, at least not that I’ve found 🙂
      I created a Matador blog and now I create short posts within it to link to my main wordpress blog. I usually draft a new post on the matador blog by cutting and pasting the first few paragraphs/pics from my wordpress posts, and then include a “keep reading” that I hyperlink to my wordpress post web address. Let me know if you have any questions; not sure if that’s a clear explanation or not.

      Your blog looks lovely, by the way!

      • Ah, brilliant, those so much! I knew it must be something logical that I was missing out on… Again, I appreciate your help! Very clever : )


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