Travel Tips and Inspiration

Where The Hell Is Matt? – If you haven’t already seen this guy dance around the world, it’s definitely about time that you did.

In Transit – This guy films his travels and shares them online. So great.

The Aussie Nomad – He gave up the cubicle and hit the road. Check out the Vegemite Challenge.

Unbrave Girl – Self-professed “scaredy cat” who loves travel and cake.

A Dangerous Business – This Ohio gal got hooked on travel at a young age from watching Carmen Sandiego.

Go, See, Write – This former attorney has been writing and wandering overland since 2008.

Never Ending Voyage – This couple sold everything, left home and became location-independent.

Traveling Canucks – This adventurous Canadian couple continue to travel the globe, now with a baby in tow.

Living the Dream – These travelers just wrote a guide for long-term travelers to help you make it happen (full disclosure: I contributed a few quotes). AND they have an extensive Travel Blog Directory that could keep you browsing the internet for days.


Also, these are wonderful:

Outer Space




Around the World in 5 minutes

Dance Break

People for Good

School Bus

Yosemite Park

South Iceland


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