Best & Worst Travel Moments

Best Moments

Worst Moments

  • Finding out I’d been booked on a non-existent connecting flight to LA after ten hours in transit, Washington Airport, USA.
  • Breaking out in chicken pox, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Discovering I was eating raw chicken, Cusco, Peru.
  • Being soaked and freezing on 12 hour overnight bus to Uyuni, Bolivia.
  • Being served grey, unrefrigerated meat that had sat all day on roof of car in a hot desert, Uyuni, Bolivia.
  • Arriving to hostel after three days without showers, only to turn on the shower and have no water come out because the water was shut off for the rest of the day, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
  • Having to change bus stations three times with zero helpfulness from anyone in 45 degree weather with 97 percent humidity and getting heat exhaustion, Miri, Malaysian Borneo.
  • Bed bugs. Three times.
  • Thinking I would be sent to prison in Jordan after accidentally entering Jordanian territory without a visa stamp at 5am, Amman airport, Jordan.
  • 9 hours of vomiting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • The overflowing toilet on the non-stop Cairo-Aswan train, Egypt.
  • Dirty old men touching and sniffing my hair when I’m not paying attention, Egypt and Mexico.
  • Sunburn that felt like someone doused me with gasoline and lit me on fire, Veradero, Cuba.


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