About Same Skies Above

I’d like to think that reading about my adventures will inspire you to seek out some of your own. After all, there are always adventures waiting to be had. But you have to step out the door to find them.

Writing about past travels reconnects me with the experiences I have had all over the world. It helps to pass the time between trips and reminds me about important life lessons, such as:

1) The world is more the same than you think.

No matter how far away you are and no matter how foreign you may feel in your surroundings, it is always the same earth below you and the same skies above.

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Having a sense of humour goes a long way in travel and in life. If you can’t step back and laugh at a ridiculous turn of events or put a situation in perspective, you’re in for a much harder journey. (Like that time I panicked in Jordan)


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