Things I Will and Will Not Miss About South America

As I sat in the Santiago airport, with many hours to wait before boarding my delayed flight to New Zealand, I reflected on all the fantastic and terrible things I had experienced in South America. I was sad to be leaving the Americas, as these first months of travel on my year around the world had already been both challenging (see: Chicken Pox) and amazing (see: places where you can’t take a bad photo).

I wrote myself this list to pass the time, and it was a pretty accurate guess of what I would and would not miss about South America.

Guardians of the Lost City

Things I Will Miss About South America:



-Superior bus travel options

-Views from Isla del Sol

-Gelato home delivery services (why don’t they have this in Canada??)

-Being able to buy single servings of things like yogurt and granola bars in the grocery store



-Daily siestas

-Speaking Spanish

La Paz

Things I Will Not Miss About South America

-10pm dinner time

-Stairs on Isla del Sol

-La Paz

-Unsafe night buses

-Stray dogs everywhere

-Chilean exchange rate math

-Obnoxious party buses

-Unrefrigerated dinner meat

2 thoughts on “Things I Will and Will Not Miss About South America

    • Thanks! I am puzzled to this day that no ice cream vendor does this in North America, considering how many other things you can get delivered to your house…

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